Saturday, January 23, 2010

parents are still struggling to get the final verdict from the court of law.

Exactly a year ago, there was an article titled as "Its Frightening but Who Cares". Post this article there have been many incidents across the country but the citizens are yet to hear a final verdict from the court of law. This was the terror in the form of School fee hike, which was done so arbitarily and unreasonably that the parents for the first time came together to fight against the commercilization on these temples of learning. Parents are no doubt thankful to the Governments of various States and the court of law as they stayed the unusual hike. But that was not sufficient as they are still bothered and in deep agony.

Today almost a year past, parents are still struggling to get the final verdict from the court of law. Above all, parents have found themselves under undue pressure from their respective schools where their wards are studying. These schools have played their own tantrums and emotional blackmail to convince / threaten the parents by depicting few acts which displayed that they have all the powers in the world to mellow down the agitation by various parents groups. Many schools are still sending the fee slips with the hiked amount even after the courts have stayed the hike. The fee slips now seem like the big fat elephantasis disease as the schools have been sending these fee slips compounding the outstanding amounts.

It's a request to Government of India and definitely a plea to the court of law to bring some urgency to resolve this matter, else it would be harrassing for all parents and citizens of this country who have for the first time united against all the "adamant school authorities."